War Spin

So, where to begin? We recently watched the BBC documentary War Spin in out Issues class, and it was absolutely fascinating! Really, such interesting work, from the staged rescue of Jessica Lynch, to the photo ops, the talked up dangers and the losses twisted into victories. Hollywood and the Pentagon, brothers in arms. usually when one would think of PR they may presume of cushy office jobs trying to sell the public things they will never need, endorsing and public opinion, trust. Well, war has all of that, plus excitement. Don’t get me wrong, war is terrible, but it is far more interesting that many of the other campaigns we have looked at. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I am the only male in my class, but I found it thrilling. Continue reading


Nobody Likes Us, We Don’t Care

Good ole Ryanair. Having flown with them nearly every week since I moved to London, I know them pretty well. Of course, then throw in the fact that my uncle and brother are both captains with the airline, and also my undergraduate dissertation was all about their PR, so yeah I guess I feel I know them. Plus, I don’t live under a rock. Continue reading

The Public Relations Movement of the 1960’s

Once you start learning the ins and outs of PR, and are studying it academically, you start to realise that PR is pretty much behind everything. It’s a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, as the song goes. Today, I want to look at one very interesting example, well it interested ME anyway. A momentous moment in history that truly made use of savvy PR. Disingenuous? Maybe, but sometimes that’s needed. The Civil Rights movement in 1960’s America. Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr had a deep understanding of public relations. He was charming, likeable, and he knew how to talk to people on their own level. I have a dream is without a doubt one of the most famous speeches in history. But when you really think about it, the entire civil rights movement was a really interesting example of PR used well, and for the right reasons. Continue reading

Cadburied by PR

IMG_3909 Jahansoozi, in Public Relations : Critical Debates and Contemporary Practice (Ed. L’Etang, J; Pieczka, 2006), said “Transparency is very important for organisation-public relationships and can be viewed as a relational condition or variable that is a prerequisite for other relational elements such as trust and commitment. It provides the atmospheric conditions that allow trust, accountability, cooperation, collaboration, and commitment to flourish.” (p80).

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Sitting at the top

Well a lot of theorists believe that yes PR plays a huge role in management, being the heart, soul, face and mouth of an organisation. Others, from the more critical school feel this is idealistic nonsense. I disagree, I really feel that it’s the director, CEO, PR who stand at the innermost table. One good representation of this is the HBO show Veep, where the communications guys are in the inner most circle. Though this is a political scenario, and it also goes without saying that this is a comedy (a really good one), though they are presented David Axelrod type people.

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