Clarkson, Clarksoff?

So, Jeremy Clarkson has left the BBC. I’ve never been a massive fan of Top Gear, I’d watch it if it was on and I’ve Netflixed it on occasion when I would rather turn off my brain was watch three idiots run around and explosions, but it really isn’t any surprise Clarkson is gone. He’s never been a starter to PR gaffes, and it struck me that he was always a thorn in the BBC’s side, but one that brought a huge amount of viewers, 350 million to be precise. Like a disobedient child, he often made racist, sexist remarks without giving a hoot what anyone else thought. Well we can see this time he went too far. Verbally and physically abusing a co-worker is never ok, and the BBC were dead right to sack him (although the fact that the victim was Irish and called a “lazy Irish c**t   might have something to do with my opinion toward Mr Clarkson). Tony Hall, BBC Director General, said in a statement “There cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another dictated by either rank, or public relations and commercial considerations”, and he is dead right. In fact, imagine the reaction toward the BBC is Clarkson has been allowed to keep his job. It very much would have turned a sour opinion toward the entire show and station. And also, with these recent cases of Jimmy Savile and so on, TV station in general really must nip these incidents in the bud with regard to high level stars, not allowing them free reign over the network. Although there have been over 1 million signatures in support of Clarkson, the BBC was right in what they did. They have commended themselves very well throughout this, and although they have lost a major star, and possibly their biggest show, and least they can say they played their part with dignity, and never sided with the bully. The lad mag viewers can go back to Dave, BBC is a real broadcaster.

What I imagine Clarkson’s reaction to being sacked from BBC to be…

[Courtesy of good ol’ Father Ted]


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